The Humble Stump

Humble Stump

The weathered tree stump beckons to me once more this time of year.

Sunken one more inch below the earth, frozen water beneath its bark gives the stump a slightly bloated look; yet the sun sparkles along its rim as I ponder sitting upon that cold surface once more. I walk endlessly with eyes open most times, although whispers and passings have been missed with the blink of an eye. Warm embraces are shoved off with the turn of a head without even knowing it was offered. Friends and family swim within my head as a mobile just out of reach of the campfire's flame. But smiling faces appear amidst despair. Good times float about as snowflakes and dreams. And the stump has a grin that I can't deny, as I turn to place my seat upon its face. Sure... the stump is cold and cracked as I look around this fevered space. The trees are only half there, as the times have withered away many of their brothers. Somehow this path I have tread repeats and always winds up back within the same sunny glade, and I'm offered a rebirth of sorts, as my coat flaps in the wind. The breeze isn't chill this day however, and I embrace the movements unseen. Decades pass and although this life has yet to bring me my desserts, I have tasted the bread of humanity. Every year brings a new notion of how little I know and how little I've seen. The stump reminds me although alone, I can see clearly and be part of something. The bark lying on the ground reminds me of wasted time with effortless thoughts. But regret is a demon that hops along beside me here and there. Angered when I stop to feel the soft caress of a flower, it edges me into the thickets with thorns and wolves. But the few flowers make the travels worth it once more when I find the humble stump once more. Snow now begins to fall, as it always does this time upon the stump. No longer cold, the surface frees me to move once more. I give a sincere smile and wave before pulling my coat tighter, for the wind has all of the sudden become cold once more. There's a dark trail leading away, and my only hope is that the stump smiles and grants me its blessing along my journey. Then in a circle wipe fade, the scene closes behind me as I walk once more away from this glade.


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