The Coming of a Storm

There is a silence emanating from my open window
No breeze or whistle of commotion
Just the echo of a dream withered by emotion
As I long for a cobblestone path to change

Granite and lime stone laden earth
Scattered with bits of bone and splinters,
Only carrion devourers find merit
As I long for lush grasses to tread

Upon a rotten log of demise
A cowardly raven lurks blinking
Every move of mine watched
Eyes piercing my silent trek

Even as he hops and flutters
No sound he makes
No whisper ground
And I tap

I tap

Each tap, a crack in the silence
Each tap, a stutter of light
Each tap, breaking a jarring silence
Each tap, a lightning strike

I tap

Such a simple sound
As I walk and wander aground
Almost as a thunder may applaud
I find clouds looming and growing broad

Raven blinks uncontrolled anger and fear
The silence so sound, entirely broken
He scrambles and takes flight with a caw
And my clothing flaps with a new found breeze

Eyes shine and lids cower no more
The stones snap, creak, and grown
Twigs pull from earth and sod alive
Growths of fevered groans long forgotten

Cold aged granite sprouts green life
Bones and splinters cower beneath shadow
As a symphonic rain pours emotional energy
The window shatters unable to close any more.


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