A Timeless Rave

Where have you been?
Who did you go with?
Did you sleep with them?
Keep your polite questions away from my window
And whistle them to your mother and father.
There is no lantern here for you to twist
Shedding light about my private chamber.
These are timeless waves and timeless patterns
Betroth not my brother and sister
Dare not to sneer at my friends at the table
Your lies fool only demons with laden eyes
Hoping to spread misery through relentless raves.
There are times of pleasure, times of loyalty;
Times without games or indecency.
But where are you as I lament
And a fever grows within my ulcered gut?
These are timeless waves and timeless patterns
When was the last time you heard an infant cry
Wondering not when they'd be quiet,
But a thought of concern over their wellness,
Hoping they're met with some compassion?
How long has it been since you were hugged
And didn't wonder at the authenticity,
Looking for that stamp of credibility,
And hoping it won't cost you later on?
Timeless raves and patterns flow about the waves...
I am no wiseman from the grave
Feeling no better than those I know
No higher or lower, obtuse or acute,
I only feel as I feel...
None can take your mentality
Humanity can be born annew
I whisper my concerns and opinions,
Ideas and observations to a deaf wind
If only timeless raves could sing of patterns in the waves
Where did you go?
Please ask with concern
Who did you go with?
Maybe tinted with curiosity
Who did you sleep with?
Hopefully in comfort from the demons of the night.


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